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Jesse West James

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GrocerGram is your one-stop shop for >2 Hours or less to your door delivery service. We will compete directly with Instacart, and less directly with other network facilitation business model based companies.

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The 9 Most Successful Business Models Of Today



Killing Instacart: Why The High-Flying Company Is At Risk Of Crashing To The Ground
Instacart’s reputation continues to worsen. Is it time for grocery retailers to dump Instacart?


What is Instacart?

One hour grocery delivery from Instacart

Instacart is an on-demand grocery delivery platform facilitating doorstep deliveries of groceries and other home essentials in major cities of USA. The technology-driven business model of Instacart boosts of delivering groceries to customers in as little as 1 hour, making it one of the most promising and futuristic company of USA which is based on sharing economy model.

This grocery delivery startup has become so famous in the on-demand sector that a lot of budding entrepreneurs are interested to learn more about Instacart business model and understand its overall working in order to develop the next big thing in the sharing economy. This post from Juggernaut will show you how Instacart works and makes money along with some interesting facts and figures about this $2 billion valuation company.

Founders, Funding received, Facts and Timeline

Instacart was founded in year 2012. It is one of the most recent technology developments which has shaken the world by its business model. Being considered as a leader in on-demand economy, Instacart has received massive funding to expand its grocery delivery operations all across USA. Here are few facts about Instacart:

  • Founded by: Apoorva Mehta (CEO / Founder) and Max Mullen (Co-Founder)
  • Funding received: $275 million (Till the mid of year 2015)
  • Company Valuation: $2 Billion. (As per Jan 2015)
  • Revenue: $100 million (As of Jan 2015).
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA.

The following graphic will help you understand the quick growth of Instacart.


The amount of funding received by Instacart clearly shows the trust of investors in this start-up and its projected future. To understand what makes Instacart a promising company, let me quickly take you through the salient features and the value propositions of Instacart. Thereafter, we’ll move on to understand Instacart’s core working and its customer segments.

Salient Features of Instacart:

  • Available in major areas of the USA including SF Bay Area, San Jose, NYC, Brooklyn, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Austin, Seattle and Los Angeles.
  • A collection of over 300,000 items from several stores such as Whole Foods, Safeway or Costco enabling customers to place orders from their favourite store or to mix items from different stores into one order.
  • Crowdsourced Marketplace model with users being connected to personal shoppers who shop for ordered items and deliver them to the customers.

Value Proposition:

  • Tie-ups with existing supermarkets
  • Willing part time workers and their cars
  • Vast inventory
  • Extremely quick delivery
  • No warehouses
  • No shiny delivery trucks

Instacart’s 3 Customer Segments Explained:


  • They have an app from where they can order groceries by choosing one or more stores.
  • They can even order from a desktop or laptop using a web based interface.
  • Users pay online for their order and can tip their shopper in advance during check out.
  • Option to shop from any of the available stores in their area. An order can even be placed by combining items from different stores.
  • Users can schedule orders for a specific day and time.


  • Shoppers receive orders on their smartphones.
  • Shoppers are stationed near the stores in order to save time.
  • They pick up the ordered items manually and deliver it to the customer.
  • Apart from the per hour pay, shoppers often get a tip from customers.


  • Instacart has tie-ups with major superstores in various cities.
  • These stores have been able to increase their revenue through online sales via Instacart.

Instacart Business Model Canvas

changes done

The 4 step model about How Instacart Works:

  1. A customer places his order for groceries and pays online to instacart.
  2. A personal shopper receives the order and starts collecting items as mentioned in the order.
  3. Shopper pays the bill through Instacart’s prepaid debit card which is accepted at the store.
  4. The shopper then goes to deliver the groceries to the customer as per the address mentioned in the order.

Any tip paid in cash at the time of delivery directly goes to the shopper and the tip paid to shopper during checkout gets accumulated in his Instacart account and is paid at the end of the week along with the salary.

Instacart revenue model – How it makes money?

Delivery Fee

Every order processed by Instacart which is above the value of $35 attracts a standard delivery fee of $3.99 for a scheduled or 2 hour delivery and $5.99 for a 1 hour delivery.

Orders under $35 value are charged at $7.99 for a scheduled or 2 hour delivery and $9.99 for a 1 hour delivery.

Membership Fee (Instacart Express)

Instacart offers an annual membership by the name ‘Instacart Express’ priced at $99. Users having this membership can get free delivery of groceries for full 1 year with few terms and conditions.

Mark up prices (15%+ more)

Some stores selling their products on Instacart offer the same prices as their in-store prices but few stores listed on Instacart have a mark-up of 15%+more from their in-store prices. The revenue from these mark-up prices goes to Instacart which helps them pay the shoppers.

How Instacart finds customers?

  • Word of Mouth Advertising
  • Internet Marketing
  • Free first delivery
  • Various offers

The process of Recruiting Shoppers:

  • Application are invited from individuals who want to earn money by shopping in their free time.
  • Applications are processed by the recruitment team and a face to face, one on one  interview is scheduled.
  • Proper training is provided to selected individuals before they are ready to shop and deliver groceries.

Key Problems and Solutions:

Shopper Retention

As all shoppers work part time, it is difficult to retain them for a long time. To enhance the earnings of shoppers, Instacart added an option to pay tip to a shopper in the check-out section of the website.

Reduce Delivery time

Delivering groceries within 2 hours was a challenge for Instacart. To reduce the delivery time, Instacart places its shoppers outside the stores where it has tie-ups. Whenever a shopper receives an order, he is already at the store saving him 50% of the time.

Shopper Shortage

As Instacart shoppers work as freelancers with flexible schedules, it is difficult to manage the freelancers fleet and assign instant tasks to them. To deal with this problem, Instacart introduced a “busy pricing” policy by which it adds few dollars as delivery charges to a customer’s bill depending on how busy its shoppers are. A part of this additional price is also paid to the shoppers so that they can work as quick as they can.

Customer Trust

Customers lost their trust in Instacart when they came to know that the company is putting up its own pricing for products. These prices are marked up from the in-store prices. Instacart soon admitted to the marked up prices. However, few uses might have stopped using Instacart due to this, but majority are ready to pay the mark-up prices in order to get groceries at their door step.

Wrong item Delivery possibilities

Sometimes a shopper picks up the wrong item and delivers it. To handle all such issues, Instacart has a dedicated support team which can be reached over the phone or through email. Refund is processed if the personal shopper misses an item in the order list.

Out of stock items

Sometimes, Items in the shopping list go out of stock. In such cases, shoppers replace the non-available items with similar items that are available, which might not be wanted by the customer. To deal with this problem, Instacart allowed customers to add notes and they also added a “often out of stock” button on such items for the reference of customers.

The Future:

Grocery delivery business has a great future as more people want the most easy and convenient way to buy grocery items. Promising delivery within 2 hours, instacart has become a powerful solution in the US and with $275 million funding, it is ready to take on other cities in the USA as well as expand outside the country. Forbes has ranked Instacart at the Number 1 spot in the list of America’s most promising company.

So now you know how Instacart works. This amazing technology can be used to create a similar business model in the on-demand segment. If you are dreaming to make the next big thing in this world, then this is the time to take action.

The 13 Best Grocery Delivery Services of 2020

Due to COVID-19, grocery delivery is more vital than ever, as it helps promote social distancing — also called physical distancing — by cutting down on trips to the grocery store.

Still, even without a pandemic, grocery delivery can be a convenient option when you have a busy lifestyle, lack easy access to grocery stores in your vicinity, or are home sick.

Several grocery delivery services are now available, offering a wide variety of options, price points, and delivery times. Some also cater to unique or specific dietary needs.

The factors used to rank these grocery delivery services include delivery time, pricing, geographic availability, and the variety of food offered, such as whether they include fresh produce and frozen or refrigerated foods.

The best grocery delivery services offer same-day delivery, are available nationwide, cater to all dietary needs and preferences, offer fresh produce and frozen or refrigerated foods, have an optional cost-saving membership option, and are reasonably priced.

Here are the top 13 grocery delivery services of 2020.

1. Walmart

  • Delivery time: same-day available
  • Offers fresh produce: yes
  • Offers frozen and refrigerated foods: yes
  • Ways to use: app, website
  • Fees: $9.99 delivery fee per order
  • Membership: optional, unlimited free delivery for $12.95 per month or $98 per year
  • Location: nationwide

Walmart’s delivery service, although it’s not yet available at all Walmart stores, is widely available — even in rural areas.

If you have any issues with your order, you can contact Walmart customer service through the app or email, or directly at the store you ordered from.

Walmart offers a wide variety of products to suit all dietary needs, and because they don’t outsource their delivery service, the prices are the same as they are in the store.

If you plan to use Walmart delivery at least once per month, paying for an annual membership is the most cost-effective option.

Start shopping at Walmart here.

2. Instacart

  • Delivery time: same-day available
  • Offers fresh produce: yes
  • Offers frozen and refrigerated foods: yes
  • Ways to use: app, website
  • Fees: delivery starts at $3.99 per order, plus a 5% service fee
  • Membership: optional, but $35 per year to unlock free delivery on orders over $35 and reduced service fees
  • Location: nationwide

Instacart is a grocery delivery service that partners with grocery store chains to provide delivery from a variety of stores. As such, they offer a wide variety of products to suit all dietary needs.

Some grocery store chains like Kroger partner with Instacart to provide grocery delivery services directly through their own website or app.

Instacart personal shoppers may text you while picking your order to make substitutions if needed, and you can contact Instacart support through their app or email.

One potential downside of Instacart is that certain items may have higher prices on the Instacart platform than they do in stores, in addition to delivery and service fees.

To get the best value from Instacart if you use it regularly, join the Instacart Express membership program and make sure all of your orders meet the $35 minimum for free delivery.

Start shopping at Instacart here.

3. Shipt

  • Delivery time: same-day available
  • Offers fresh produce: yes
  • Offers frozen and refrigerated foods: yes
  • Ways to use: online, app
  • Fees: free delivery over $35, small service fee applies, membership required
  • Membership: required, $99 per year or $14 per month
  • Location: select metro areas, mostly across the Eastern United States

Like Instacart, Shipt is a grocery delivery service that partners with grocery chains to offer delivery from a variety of stores. Because of this, it caters to all dietary needs and preferences.

It’s unique in that it requires a membership. The most cost-effective membership option is the annual one, which works out to about $8 per month. Individual items may still be marked up to a higher price for this service.

Additionally, Target grocery delivery is offered exclusively through Shipt.

Start shopping at Shipt here.

4. Target

  • Delivery time: same-day available
  • Offers fresh produce: yes
  • Offers frozen and refrigerated foods: yes
  • Ways to use: app, website
  • Fees: $9.99 per order
  • Membership: optional Shipt membership
  • Location: nationwide

While Target has a small in-house delivery program available in a few large cities, the majority of its grocery delivery is handled by Shipt, a grocery delivery service similar to Instacart.

Through Target, you’re able to get delivery with Shipt without purchasing a membership for a $9.99 fee.

However, becoming a Shipt member and making sure that all of your orders meet the $35 threshold for free shipping is the most cost-effective ways to use the service. If you’re not set on delivery, the Target app and website offers convenient drive-up service.

Start shopping at Target here.

5. Kroger

  • Delivery time: same-day available
  • Offers fresh produce: yes
  • Offers frozen and refrigerated foods: yes
  • Ways to use: app, website
  • Fees: $9.95 per order
  • Membership: n/a
  • Location: nationwide

Kroger partners with Instacart for their grocery delivery service, but you can place your order directly through the Kroger app or website — ensuring that you pay the same price as you would in the store or for grocery pickup.

Kroger also has a ship-to-home option in which certain non-perishable foods and household products can be ordered online and shipped to your home, with free shipping over $35.

There doesn’t appear to be a membership option for Kroger delivery orders placed directly through Kroger’s website or app.

Start shopping at Kroger here.

6. Amazon Fresh

  • Delivery time: same-day available
  • Offers fresh produce: yes
  • Offers frozen and refrigerated foods: yes
  • Ways to use: browser, Amazon app
  • Shipping fees: free on orders over $35–$50 (depending on region)
  • Membership: requires Amazon Prime membership ($119 per year or $12.99 per month)
  • Location: available only in select large cities

Amazon Fresh is a service offered by Amazon, but to participate in the program, you must be an Amazon Prime member. It offers a variety of foods to suit all dietary needs, including natural and organic selections from Whole Foods Market, which is Amazon-owned.

Amazon Fresh also provides household goods and pet supplies, and you have access to Amazon customer service agents through live chat, email, or phone support.

It also offers a variety of delivery options, including:

  • Attended delivery. You are present to receive your order.
  • Doorstep delivery. The groceries are left on your doorstep.
  • Pickup. You go to a predetermined Amazon pickup location to retrieve your order.

To get your money’s worth from the Amazon Fresh program, you should place orders that meet the free shipping threshold for your area. Unfortunately, this service is only available in certain large cities at the moment.

Start shopping at Amazon Fresh here.

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7. Whole Foods

  • Delivery time: same-day available
  • Offers fresh produce: yes
  • Offers frozen and refrigerated foods: yes
  • Ways to use: app, Amazon website
  • Fees: $0 if your order meets the free shipping minimum ($35–$50, depending on your location)
  • Membership: Amazon Prime membership required ($119 per year or $12.99 per month)
  • Location: select large cities

Whole Foods Market offers a wide variety of organic and natural products and caters to many dietary needs and preferences, including vegan, gluten-free, and paleo.

Because they are owned by Amazon, Whole Foods delivery works just like the Amazon Fresh program.

To get the best value, make sure your orders meet the minimum threshold for free shipping, which is $35 to $50, depending on location. Items selected for delivery may still be marked up compared with in-store prices.

Start shopping at Whole Foods here.

8. Safeway

  • Delivery time: same-day available
  • Offers fresh produce: yes
  • Offers frozen and refrigerated foods: yes
  • Ways to use: app, website
  • Fees: $9.95 delivery fee per order
  • Membership: n/a
  • Location: 17 states and Washington, D.C.

Safeway is a large chain of grocery stores operating in 17 states, as well as Washington, D.C. As a chain grocery store, it offers a wide variety of food options and caters to many dietary needs.

Although Safeway has in-house delivery staff in some locations, other locations partner with Instacart for grocery delivery. This may affect pricing.

When you order directly through Safeway, there doesn’t appear to be a membership option.

Safeway customer service can be reached via email, phone, or their app, as well as directly through the store you placed your order with. However, if your order was delivered through Instacart, you will need to contact Instacart to resolve any issues.

Start shopping at Safeway here.

9. FreshDirect

  • Delivery time: same-day available
  • Offers fresh produce: yes
  • Offers frozen and refrigerated foods: yes
  • Ways to use: app, website
  • Fees: $5.99–$7.99 per order
  • Membership: optional, provides free unlimited deliveries for $10.75 per month when purchased annually
  • Location: only the Northeastern United States

FreshDirect is essentially an online grocery store. It provides a wide variety of food, including frozen, perishable, and natural and organic options.

However, it’s only available in certain states in the Northeastern United States, such as New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Customer service is available through email or phone.

To get the best value from FreshDirect, sign up for the annual DeliveryPass subscription, which works out to $10.75 per month for unlimited free grocery delivery.

Start shopping at FreshDirect here.

10. Publix

  • Delivery time: same-day available
  • Offers fresh produce: yes
  • Offers frozen and refrigerated foods: yes
  • Ways to use: app, website
  • Fees: delivery starts at $3.99, plus a 5% service fee
  • Membership: optional Instacart membership, $35 per year for unlimited free delivery on orders over $35 and reduced service fees
  • Location: Southeastern United States

Publix is a Southeastern United States grocery chain offering a wide variety. They partner with Instacart for their grocery delivery service, so it works exactly the same as Instacart, with similar pricing and fees. Still, prices for delivery are higher than those offered in the store.

If you plan to order Publix delivery regularly, the most cost-saving option is to sign up for Instacart Express and only place orders that meet the $35 minimum threshold for free shipping. If you need customer service, you will need to contact Instacart as opposed to Publix.

Start shopping at Publix here.

11. Peapod

  • Delivery time: next-day in most areas, some same-day availability
  • Offers fresh produce: yes
  • Offers frozen and refrigerated foods: yes
  • Ways to use: website, app
  • Fees: delivery fee ranges from $6.95–$9.95, plus fuel surcharge, which at the time of writing was $0
  • Membership: n/a
  • Location: available in select major metro areas

Peapod is an online grocery store that offers a wide variety of groceries, including a selection of natural and organic foods. You can reach their customer service via phone, email, or their app.

Currently, Peapod only serves large metro areas.

To get the best value, try to order when the fuel surcharge is low, and create a minimum order of $100 to unlock the lowest delivery fee.

Start shopping at Peapod here.

12. Thrive Market

  • Delivery time: 2–3 day shipping
  • Offers fresh produce: no
  • Offers frozen and refrigerated foods: yes
  • Ways to use: website, app
  • Fees: shipping costs apply on orders less than $49
  • Membership: required ($49 per year after free trial)
  • Location: nationwide

Thrive Market is a unique grocery delivery service, operating as an online warehouse club for natural, organic, and healthy grocery products. Membership costs $49 per year but gives you access to exclusive pricing and free shipping on orders over $49.

Thrive Market also regularly provides full-size free gifts with orders, allowing you the chance to try new products at no cost. You can reach their customer service department via email or phone.

As is the case with Whole Foods Market, Thrive Market is best if you have very specific dietary needs and have trouble finding food to meet those needs at traditional grocery stores.

Start shopping at Thrive Market here.

13. Boxed

  • Delivery time: same-day available for Boxed Express, standard shipping for Boxed
  • Offers fresh produce: only through Boxed Express program
  • Offers frozen and refrigerated foods: only through Boxed Express
  • Ways to use: app, website
  • Fees: shipping fees apply to orders under $79 without a membership and under $19.98 with a membership
  • Membership: optional, $49 per year for free shipping over $19.98, 2% cash back, and exclusive discounts
  • Location: nationwide for Boxed, large metro areas for Boxed Express

Boxed is an online bulk warehouse club that doesn’t require a membership but an optional one is available. They provide nonperishable foods and paper products.

However, they offer a service called Boxed Express, which provides same-day grocery delivery in certain metro areas. This service offers perishable foods and fresh produce. Customer service for Boxed and Boxed Express is offered via email.

For the best value from Boxed, joined the Boxed Up membership program and only place orders that meet the $19.98 minimum for free shipping.

Start shopping at Boxed here.

How to choose a grocery delivery service

First and foremost, choosing a grocery delivery service depends on which services are available in your area. If you live in a large city, you’ll have many more options than if you live in a more rural area.

Next, you’ll want to consider which delivery service offers food that fits your dietary needs and preferences.

For example, you may want to evaluate whether it also offers staple foods, fresh produce, and frozen or refrigerated foods, or whether you’d need to make an additional grocery order from a different service for those items.

Then, you should consider pricing and how often you plan to use the delivery service. If you’re only going to use grocery delivery services infrequently — for example, less than once per month — you’ll want to choose the service that has the lowest per-order fees.

However, if you plan to use grocery delivery regularly, you’ll want to consider a membership option that would give you the best bang for your buck.

Finally, you’ll want to weigh other factors, like the availability of same-day delivery, if they have an app or just a website, and how their customer service is.

One additional consideration you’ll want to make is that — regardless of the delivery service you choose — tipping your delivery person is customary.

The bottom line

With more people than ever avoiding going inside of grocery stores due to COVID-19, grocery delivery is becoming a much more desirable option.

Yet, even without a pandemic, you may be interested in the convenience of having your groceries delivered.

There are several grocery delivery services available, some of which cater to unique dietary needs, and some of which are only available in certain areas.

However, there’s sure to be a great grocery delivery service for your household on this list.

8 Of The Best Grocery Delivery Services In 2020

Forbes Personal Shopper

Christian de LooperContributorForbes Personal ShopperContributor GroupShoppingI write about Tech for Forbes Finds.All products and services featured are independently selected by Forbes Shopping contributors and editors. When you make a purchase through links on this page, we may earn a commission.

With lots of people confined to their homes over the past few months, finding ways to safely stock up on essentials has been somewhat of a challenge. But just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t eat. While there are plenty of restaurant food delivery services, like Caviar, Uber Eats and Seamless, eating food from restaurants all the time can get expensive. That’s exactly where the best grocery delivery services come in — allowing you to get all the groceries and staples you need while still self-isolating and social distancing.

There are actually many grocery delivery services out there, and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. While some deliver groceries from one specific store, like Whole Foods, others offer groceries from a range of different stores in any given neighborhood. Many are only available in certain areas, while others charge membership fees. But considering the fact that there are so many grocery delivery services these days, there’s sure to be something out there for everyone.

freshdirect grocery bag, groceries


No matter what you’re looking for — health foods, basic groceries, 24/7 delivery — there’s likely a best grocery delivery service out there for you; here’s a rundown of our favorites.

  • Best Grocery Delivery Service With Membership: Amazon Fresh
  • Best Grocery Delivery Service For Shopping Locally: Instacart
  • Best Grocery Delivery Service For a Range of Products: Walmart Grocery
  • Best Grocery Delivery Service For Shopping Multiple Stores: Shipt
  • Best Grocery Delivery Service For the East Coast: FreshDirect
  • Best Grocery Delivery Service For the West Coast: Safeway Delivery
  • Best Grocery Delivery Service For Non-Perishables: Google Shopping
  • Best Grocery Delivery Service For Healthy Food: Thrive Market


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Best Grocery Delivery Service With Membership

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh


Amazon Fresh  

  • Delivery Fee: Free with order of $35 or more
  • Availability: Over 2,000 cities
  • Membership required: Yes, Amazon Prime

If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber and live in a city where Amazon Fresh is available, the food delivery service is definitely the way to go. Amazon Fresh makes it easy to find the groceries you need, plus it includes groceries from Whole Foods and will deliver your groceries in as little as one hour. You will need a $119-per-year Amazon Prime subscription to use the service, but many people have that anyway, so it won’t be an added cost.

Best Grocery Delivery Service For Shopping Locally





  • Delivery Fee: $3.99 with order of $10 or more, free with Instacart Express subscription
  • Availability: 40 states
  • Membership required: No

Instacart allows you to essentially get groceries from the grocery store that you already shop at. The service uses local shoppers to pick up your groceries from your local stores, and you can order from stores like Costco, Safeway, Sam’s Club and more — all without even needing a membership. The service lets you pick substitute products in case your preferred option is out of stock, and the shopper will contact you through the app if needed — plus you’ll get live updates during the shopping process.

forbes.comInstacart Promo Codes | 20% Off In November 2020 | Forbes

Best Grocery Delivery Service For a Range of Products

Walmart Grocery

Walmart Grocery


Walmart Grocery  

  • Delivery Fee: $7.95 to $9.95, free with Walmart Delivery Unlimited
  • Availability: 1,600 cities
  • Membership required: No

Walmart Grocery is relatively new, but it’s the perfect delivery service for those that shop at Walmart anyway. With Walmart Grocery, you can shop from all of Walmart’s offerings and get same-day delivery. Not only that, but there’s a dedicated Walmart Grocery app that you can use, and you can extend delivery to Walmart’s other products, including things like electronics, clothing and so on.

Best Grocery Delivery Service For Shopping Multiple Stores


Shipt Grocery Delivery

Shipt Grocery Delivery


  • Delivery Fee: $7 for orders under $35
  • Availability: Over 200 cities
  • Membership required: Yes, $99 per year, or $14 per month

Shipt has grown a ton over the past few years, and is now available in more than 200 cities around the country. The service works with a range of grocery stores, so depending on where you live, you’ll have access to different stores — plus it also works with stores like CVS and Petco. Shipt allows you to place orders any time, as long as the store you’re ordering from is open, and it allows you to communicate with the shopper through text if you need to change your order or if something isn’t available.

Best Grocery Delivery Service For the East Coast





  • Delivery Fee: $5.99-$15.99
  • Availability: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington D.C.
  • Membership required: No

FreshDirect may not be the most widely available service, but if you live in an area that it serves, it may well be the way to go. The service is available in most Northeastern states and offers both groceries and prepared meals, and you can even order alcohol in some areas. FreshDirect’s groceries are often organic and high-quality — so if you want only the best ingredients available, it may be the way to go.

Best Grocery Delivery Service For the West Coast

Safeway Delivery

safeway logo


Safeway Delivery  

  • Delivery Fee: Starts at $10
  • Availability: Anywhere where Safeway is available
  • Membership required: No

If you live on the west coast, you’re probably familiar with the popular grocery chain Safeway. What you might not know, however, is that Safeway runs a delivery service for its grocery stores, allowing customers to get delivery for just $10 — though fees range down for larger orders. There is a limited delivery window, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., but most customers should be perfectly happy getting their goods delivered during waking hours.

Best Grocery Delivery Service For Non-Perishables

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Google Shopping  

  • Delivery Fee: Free with minimum order of $35
  • Availability: Everywhere
  • Membership required: No

Google Shopping doesn’t offer the same perishable groceries as some of the other options on this list, but if you’re buying non-perishable items, it may be the way to go. Some of the stores available through Google Shopping offer same-day delivery through FedEx and UPS, however even those that don’t tend to ship within a few days. Google Shopping is generally a good option for those who want to order things like pasta, canned goods and so on.

Best Grocery Delivery Service For Healthy Food

Thrive Market


Thrive Market

Thrive Market  

  • Delivery Fee: None with membership
  • Availability: Nationwide
  • Membership required: Yes, $59 per year, or $9.95 per month

Thrive Market focuses on healthy foods, and has stock of over 6,000 products from non-GMO, non-toxic and sustainable brands. The company is aimed at offering savings of up to a massive 50% off of the retail price, and for every membership, the company sponsors a free membership for someone that needs it.